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Residentioal Consultations
This Consultation includes an assessment of the quality of feng shui of your residence. Factors like the environment, the building design, directional influences, residents and time aspects are taken into consideration for the audit. The audit can focus on areas where you particularly need attention; for example, family harmony, health, career prospects, marriage prospects.

Commercial Consultations
Commercial Consultations includes a guide on the current year’s qi affecting the business, allowing you to maximize up periods and softening the down cycles. Placement of key staff and key members in an office is of utmost importance in commercial Feng Shui.

Industrial Consultations
For factory audits, the Feng Shui Should be tailored to first ensure ‘unity’ amongst the workers and staff. Locations of important machinery and important managerial offices would be positioned to accommodate and support the goals of the business. Every industrial plant is different, depending on type of production.

Selection of Apartments and Landed Properties
Purchase apartment and land with peace of mind, knowing that you have sought the best advice possible in selecting a property that is best tailored to suit your purposes.

Invite Marriage Prospects
A happy marriage is heaven on earth, says a poet, a paradise that even the Gods yearm to enter. Feng Shui cannot create a love relationship but it can definitely create opportunities. There are types of ‘Chi’ that help you build relationships, make you a more pleasant person to be with, make you cheerful and happy---attributes that make you attractive and likable to others!

Feng Shui for Interior Designing
Our Feng Shui interior designing provides you with a complete plan for transforming the look and feel of your entire house. It will include a review of overall decor theme of each room and the analysis of functionality of space. It may also include colour analysis, furniture rearrangement, window treatment recommendations and/or accessory recommendations.

Annual Feng Shui Assessment
Every year, there are cyclical changes in the Qi patterns of our environment. These often affect the degree of influence of the fend Shui structure of the property. Many clients engage us on an annual basis to provide Feng Shui assessments for the New Year, what to expect and how to maximize potentials and reduce risks coming their way.

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